*Master Shigeru Kimura Ideology*

Shukokai, Has evolved from one of the original styles of karate.

Shito ryu, with a heritage that dates back to over 300 years ago to Okinawa. 

Using Shito ryu as a base for his style.

Sensei Kimura spent the last 4 decades of his life developing and refining a technique that was second to none, and he perfected the ability to attack with phenomenal power and speed. 

Students of Kimura Shukokai learn and understand the principles of kinetic energy

(study of the body in motion)

To generate their power and acceleration to create force and shock. 

Once Shukokai techniques and principles have been mastered, a student will be able to overcome and defeat an opponent. 

Master Kimura would refer to as one hit, one finish. 

Along with this special ability comes the responsibility of control,

which students must adhere to. 

Safety is of upmost importance when practicing in and out of the Dojo.  

Often referred to as scientific karate, is an education in body mechanics, where a student will learn how to execute tremendous power through an understanding of speed and mass, which equates to creating impact. 

Anyone can fight, but fighting efficiently is the Kimura ethos

on which Shukokai is based.   

As students learn how to use the body with this efficiency and understand the importance of self control, they have gained invaluable knowledge that can be applied to very aspect of their lives.

The Kimura theory of teaching the art of Shukokai, is based on a series of levels which plans for, a student progression , physically and spiritually.  

Students come to Shukokai seeking a new perspective, training offers a fresh approach for making your body work for you. 

It also presents a unique way to change your outlook, as well as to overcome other areas in your life where you feel you are standing still and not able to move forward. 

Shukokai provides this perfect balance of physical and mental challenges, as well as set of goals that are attainable through hard work and discipline

*  The most important benefit of Shukokai is achieved*


However, not just in karate...... but in all areas of your life as well.  

Start your training today and learn how Shukokai karate will make a positive difference in your everyday life.



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