Gareth first started training in March 1977 at the age of sixteen.

With the Lau Gar Kung Fu association in Banbury.

There after he took up traditional Shukokai karate with Sensei Mick Crossley.

This was with the Banbury Karate Academy.

It was with the academy Sensei Rees started teaching full time for a period of ten months at Kickers Gym which became the central dojo for the academy.

In 1987 he opened his first club at St Joseph's church hall which is still running as strong as ever, although now we train in the St Joseph's school . Due to parting company at this time with Sensei  Crossley he started taking instruction from Sensei Malcolm Hudson 8th dan initially with the Ken Yu Kai Association and there after the Shukokai Karate Association which was formed in 1991 by Sensei Hudson.

Sensei Gareth Rees is the founder and senior instructor of the Banbury Shukokai Karate Schools, now in its 35th year with 11 clubs in 

Gareth's grading history as follows: - Black belt 1st dan awarded by Sensei Crossley

(Banbury Karate Academy)2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dans awarded by Sensei Mal Hudson  8th Dan (Shukokai Karate Association)

Sensei Rees can trace his lineage back to Mr Kimura through his two instructors which is a pedigree for excellent high standard karate technique. He also continues to train with other Senseis within Shukokai/Shito ryu on regular courses Mr Yamada Kamohara, Tomiyama, Terry Pottage and Derek Ridgeway who Sensei Rees takes instruction in old fighting Kata and Bunkai.

Gareth Rees is a fully DBS checked karate instructor/coach.He and all the clubs are registered with the Shukokai Karate Association governing body and has successfully been instructing children and adults for over 35 years.

Here at Banbury Karate Centres, we teach children and adults.  


Karate helps prepare a child for life.  The children in our karate classes know more is expected from them and with a little encouragement and support from their instructor and parents , they can rise to the occasion.


Children are taught from the outset that karate is primarily a defensive and not an offensive martial art.  They learn to be polite and respect their fellow students.


Your training will be structured into 3 main sections: Kihon(basic techniques) Kata(set sequences of techniques) Kumite (sparring) and Padwork.  Each section has a range of complexity to suit the different skill levels of students.  Kumite will be introduced to you as basic blocking and counter attacking, but will ultimately lead you to freestyle fighting, where you will be taught to attack with and defend against unannounced attacks.


Students are entitled to take grading examinations, conducted by senior SKA examiners after set periods of training.  There is a grading syllabus for each level with coloured belts used to denote the grades.  With regular and correct training, students can expect to achieve black belt standard within 4 to 5 years.

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